Vegetable Dumplings

Dumplings are a staple in the Asian culture. My husband and I decided to try our hands at making homemade dumplings for the first time. Our concoction of the vegetable filling tasted quite delicious but one great thing about making homemade dumplings is that you can decide on what vegetables and what proportions you prefer! These are great to make in large batches and freeze the rest for future servings. My husband is already looking forward to our next dumpling making time 🙂 

dumplings dumplings1 dumplings2

Since it was our first time making dumplings, we referred to sources to learn how to properly wrap dumplings.

Recipe (adapted from FoodNouveau):

Make ~50 dumplings

Pack of dumpling wrappers
1 handful of flour
1 tbs olive oil
1 onion
2 celery bunch
1/2 package firm tofu
1/2 cup packed cilantro
4 green onions
1/3 cup carrots
1 handful mushrooms
2 tablespoons hoisin or oyster sauce
1 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs ginger
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Finely chop all ingredients (best with food processor).
2. Mix all of the chopped vegetables in a large mixing bowl. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Preheat a large sauté pan. Add olive oil, and cook ginger and onions until translucent.
4. Add remainder of the vegetables except the chopped cilantro and half of green onions, and cook until the vegetables become soft.
5. Add hoisin sauce and sesame oil.
6. Remove from heat and stir in cilantro and green onions.
7. Defrost dumpling wrappers. Spread flour thinly over each wrapper for easier wrapping time.
8. Place one spoonful of filling in center of wrapper and wrap!
9. To cook dumplings, place in pot of boiling water. To freeze dumplings, place in ziplock bags.


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