Spinach onion scramble

I was looking for some sort of breakfast scramble to use up my spinach and onions, and I found this highly rated recipe. Of course, I adapted it to make it healthier (more or less). I made 2 versions, one for myself and one for my hubby. He is a meat lover and really does not like eating anything vegetarian, even fake meats. The only fake meat that he actually likes is this meatless sausage sold at Trader Joe’s, so that’s his version (first picture). Mine is sans any meat, just veggies (second picture).

(from AllRecipes)

Ingredients I used: olive oil, +/- meatless sausage, garlic, onions, nutmeg, oregano, fresh spinach, organic omega-3 eggs, sea salt, black pepper

Yummerz! Would make again =)