Kiwi Lemonade

I recently had fantastic fresh kiwi lemonade at a restaurant. It was so good, I wanted to try to replicate it at home. Here’s my version.

Makes 2 cups

1 lemon
1 lime
1 kiwi
1/4 tsp stevia (can  use more for sweeter taste)
Sparkling water

1. Using a citrus juicer, juice lemon and lime.
2. Skin kiwi, chop. Use food processor to process until kiwi is pretty fine.
3. Mix lemon juice, lime juice, processed kiwi, and stevia
4. Split mix into 2 cups, add sparkling water (400ml) into each cup

Very refreshing! My husband loves it. This is one drink that he requests to make often! Also, lemon and lime are great for alkalizing your body.


Almond Awesomeness

I wanted to try something basic as my first raw cooking experience, so I made fresh almond milk! I’ve found numerous almond milk recipes, using different water base, sweeteners, or almond ratio. I opted for a simpler recipe since I wanted unsweetened milk.

I used raw organic almonds and water (2:5 ratio) and a little bit of vanilla extract. I blended everything together and then sieved the almond milk with a nut milk bag, and viola — I had myself some fresh almond milk!

After making almond milk, you have a lot of almond pulp left over, and that can be used for other raw recipes!

The first time, I used the almond pulp to make banana cinnamon bread. I just mixed the almond pulp, some bananas, and cinnamon in a food processor, then dehydrated it. The end result — raw, flourless, sugarless yummy bread! (I forgot to take a picture of the bread to showcase!)

The second time I made almond milk, I dehydrated the almond pulp, which ultimately made almond flour. I plan to use this to make some raw desserts in the future.

There’s so much you can do with almonds! Hence, the title: almond awesomeness!


Comments on Final Outcome:
I enjoy the simple taste of fresh almond milk. I was thinking of experimenting with other recipes but I think I’ll just stick to the first one I used.
I liked the banana cinnamon bread, but I had such a big batch that I couldn’t eat it all, and then it went bad after a few days.

My reason for keeping this ingredient around in my life:
(I  will have this subsection every time I present a new ingredient in a post. This is also to help remind myself of its importance)

Ounce for ounce, almonds are the one of the most nutritionally dense nuts. They have twice the amount of antioxidants with their skins on, and they’re among the richest source of vitamin E in the diet. They’re also good blood sugar regulators.