Pickled Carrots & Daikon

This is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine. I’m planning on making more Vietnamese dishes in the future, so I had to make this first. I plan to put this in bun (vermicelli noodle dish), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), and eat it on its own.

Equal parts of organic carrots and organic daikon, thinly sliced
Sprinkled with sea salt
Drizzle with organic raw agave nectar
Organic Apple cider vinegar – pour enough to cover the carrots and daikon, and mix
Let sit for 30 minutes
Pour into mason jar, and fill the remainder of the container with filtered water. Keep refrigerated.

My reason for keeping this ingredient around in my life:

-Daikon: Prior to this, I wasn’t too familiar with daikon radish since I didn’t eat it  much. I found out that it contains some digestive enzymes so it helps with digestion. Also, a website mentioned “At Tokyo’s College of Pharmacy, researchers have discovered that daikon juice actually inhibits the formation of dangerous chemicals in the body. Nitrosamines, a type of carcinogen, can form in the stomach from chemicals present in both natural and processed foods. Daikon juice contains substances identified as “phenolic compounds” that can block this potentially dangerous reaction. Thus, a diet including raw daikon may reduce the risk of cancer.”

-Apple cider vinegar: For recipes listing white or rice vinegar, I’ve been using apple cider vinegar, since this has the most nutrition out of the other vinegars. It has trace minerals and it contains malic acid which is supposedly helpful in fighting fungal and bacterial infections.