Food Philosophy

Food Philosophy

I used to think I was invincible. I ate whatever I wanted because I some how was lucky enough to not gain weight from large quantities or fried foods, and I just didn’t like veggies. Taken from my various resources below, my new philosophy: your body is a temple, so feed it like one. Goldfish won’t fare well if you never change their dirty, murcky water, so why is it that we humans expect our bodies to process whatever junk we put into it and that we’d come out okay in the end? I try to use organic ingredients as much as possible since pesticides are ick.

I used to be a major, major sweet tooth…The dessert queen, as I was called. My new philosophy: You don’t need sugar, you are sweet enough!
(Thanks Kris Carr!)

My ideal diet would be vegan raw. (Raw means food that is below 115 degrees. The thought is that cooking above a certain temp destroys the food’s live enzymes.) However, that is not feasible for me to carry out 100% of the time due to my surroundings and crazy work schedule, so I consider myself a pseudo-veg. I’ll still have meat, dairy and sugar at times. Approach everything in moderation. Approach everything with gratitude. I’ll be in situations where I don’t have access to my ideal meal, so I will eat what is presented in front of me…Gratitude.

My Inspirations

This book really helped open my eyes to how much diet and lifestyle affect health. This book is written by an MD and provides evidence from research studies, so that aspect helped me really take the concepts in, as I come from a science background myself. I need evidence, people!

Kris Carr is amazing. I first watched her documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer. Then, I decided to buy her 3 books. Her first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, really resonated with me. That book got me out of my times of feeling blue while I was undergoing a slow recovery. She is SO inspiring. I love her positive outlook, crazy proactive attitude and actions with her own health, and her lovable personality. Sometimes when I stray from my raw style due to being busy or lazy, I remind myself of her CSD (crazy sexy diet) and it puts me back on track.

I first saw Ani on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. I saw her cookbook later on when I was perusing Border’s close-out clearance and decided to pick it up 🙂 Thank goodness I did! I try out raw recipes that I find interesting from websites and blogs, but it is great to have a cookbook FULL of raw goodies. And if you’re a newbie to the raw style, she describes everything you need to know as a beginner.

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