Raw Healthy Onion Rings

When I go out to eat junk food and have the option to choose between fries or onion rings, I now opt for onion rings even though french fries used to be my favorite! I think onion rings are just better out of the two since onions have anti-cancer properties and fries are just so high on the glycemic index! Of course, it’s better not to eat them altogether since they’re fried and the onion rings are battered with some sort of white flour that isn’t good for me. So I made an alternative to this!

(from Ani’s Raw cookbook)

Onion rings that are raw! I battered sweet onions with ground buckwheaties. It’s buckwheatIES, as opposed to just buckwheats. The difference? Buckwheaties are buckwheats that I dehydrated. So after I battered the onions, I stuck it in my dehydrator overnight.

Comments on Final Outcome:
I really liked it! It’s softer, not as crisp as the typical onion rings, but it’s good and the batter is light tasting, sort of like tempura. I would make it more often, except for the time it takes with prepping buckwheaties, which I had to soak the buckwheats for hours to remove their enzyme inhibitors (many raw nuts and seeds should be soaked in order to increase their nutrition and digestibility), then dehydrate for hours, then grind them into a powder. It would probably be easier if I made a HUGE bulk of buckwheaties and just store it.

My reason for keeping this ingredient around in my life:
Buckwheat is usually thought to be a grain, but it’s actually a fruit seed! So it’s gluten-free. It has antioxidant power and is a blood sugar regulator.